Our Timing Services

Integrated online registration and timing services for sports events. From Volunteers management to fund raising, everything with  m·s-1 timing.

From the online registration to the live results, m·s-1 timing take care of it, Promoter can concentrate on their event.

m·s-1 timing is using the Chronotrack technology, the inventer of the bib tag, using in New York, Los Angeles and Paris Marathon; 

m·s-1 timing is dedicated to your event success!

GPS Tracking services

  • Population flow tracking
  • Real time person' positionning
  • Real time postion of your participants and/or crew;
  • From participant's smartphones, follow the position of participants, volunteers, lead vehicles, medical team, etc. so see your race in real time;
  • 35 `` Check point`` spread over 50 km? Produce the ranking of your participants with their GPS position of their phone!

Professional Timing Services :

Timekeeping of sports competitions through active transponders by TAG Heuer Professional Timing technology and Disposable chips;

  • Very thin disposable bib chip 15 mm X 129 mm - without `` foam`` or spacer;
  • MS1 has time events of 10,000 participants and 24-hour races with more than 45,000 laps;
  • Disposable bike chip at the saddle post, which can be used as a bike plate;
  • Sidewall antennas without mats on the ground (ideal for road bike races);
  • Real-time results of split times and finished;
  • Wireless Annoncer Tablet - the advertiser can walk the finish area and name the participants upon arrival;
  • LED display of each participant's name and time (net) immediately upon arrival;
  • TV streaming of results in real time;
  • Mobile web site dedicated to your event;
  • Real-time GPS tracking of participants and / or organization staff;